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Industrial straight blades

Industrial straight bladesTebra Knives is a supplier and manufacturer which provides a broad range of industrial straight blades. We supply numerous straight blades for the food industry and thus hold profound knowledge in terms of stainless steel blades. These blades are used for the poultry processing industry, French fries production, vegetable cutting and many more.

Customisable straight blades

Our straight blade machine knives go up to lengths of 4000 mm. There is a wide range of edge styles that can be applied to the blade so it delivers the performance needed. Some of the different design possible for knives’ edges are serrated or toothed edges, grooved edges, square edges, blunt and sharp edges with single and double bevel edges. With a huge inventory of steel types in a variety of sizes in stock, we can supply any straight blade in the desired material, with the edge design needed for the application.

Designing and producing straight blades

The processes that the material goes through to make it suitable for the intended application are adapted to this application. Tebra assists the designers of the knives with defining the dimensions to be just below the standard measures of the rod material. This serves to save processing and material costs.

Need help with straight blades?

We can identify most blades by their type number. By using samples or drawings, we can produce nearly identical knives, or special blades we do not know. We do this in order to provide the best possible service. If you are interested in what our straight blades could mean for your company, or if you have any questions about straight blades, please contact us.