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Machine Park

Our machinery park has been set up to facilitate the production of blades of up to approx. 4.8 meters length. Both, our milling as well as our grinding machines provide the capacities required.
For producing larger series, we deploy robots. However, small-scale series and individual items are also realizable without any problems.

The below-listed activities we carry out in-house:
♦ 3D CAD plans ♦ CAM ♦ milling ♦ bending ♦ die cutting ♦ sawing ♦ drilling
♦ surface grinding ♦ circular grinding ♦ profile grinding ♦ sharpening  ♦ adjustment
♦ processing ♦ annealing ♦ tempering ♦ mounting ♦ welding ♦ non-skid coating ♦ polishing ♦ hardness tests ♦ laser marking ♦ washing ♦ measuring ♦ packing

In cooperation with our partners we can also execute electrical wire cutting machining, electrolytic polishing, apply special coatings, and provide for laser and water jet cutting.