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Tebra Machine Blades
and Industrial Knives
The sharp solution

For more than 100 years, Tebra has been a supplier of industrial knives and machine knives for machine builders throughout the globe. For example, Tebra also supplies fully customised industrial machine knives to meet all your specific needs. Our knives are used in range of different sectors and industries such as the vegetable processing industry, meat processing industryhygiene industry and the paper industry. Tebra can supply the right machine blades to get the job done in any production processes where reliable machine knives are required.

Machine knives up to 4.5 metres in length

Tebra supplies, for example, circular blades, long knives up to 4.5 metres, slicing knives and stainless steel blades throughout the globe. The possibilities for stainless steel blades and special knives are virtually endless. Take a look at the full range of industrial knives and machine knives.

Reliable supplier and grinding specialist for industrial blades

Since its foundation in 1912, Tebra has made every effort to supply the highest quality industrial knives. In order to achieve this, we only use materials that meet strict quality standards for stainless steel blades, high speed steel, tool steel, tungsten carbide or powder metallurgical steel.

Short delivery times

We strive for quality in the logistical process as well. Tebra offers short delivery times and can deliver anywhere in Europe within 24 hours.

Pick-up and delivery service for grinding work

In addition to supplying and producing machine knives, Tebra also provides a knife sharpening service for such services as precision grinding and profile grinding. We will take care of the entire process, from picking up, cleaning, grinding to returning your industrial knives.