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French fry blades 

For by now as many as twenty years, the respective industry has been deploying our French fry cutting blades for water jet cutting systems. We are a supplier and manufacturer which offers cutters for cutting systems made by:

Apart from machine blades for even cuts we also offer blades for waved French fries, knives to cut parts with (parting knives) and cutter blocks. The combination of appropriate materials, perfect grinding procedures and the cut face’s accurate finishing, results in perfect cuts. Clean cuts allow for producing French fries that contain less fat. Moreover, the cutting process itself will run smoother. In addition, our french fry blades will be deburred and cleaned after being ground. Because of our high quality products that are thoroughly tested, we can guarantee that our customers will only get french fry blades of the highest quality.

Cutter blocks

We can also produce cutter blocks for blades used to produce French fries. No matter if these blocks are made from plastics are from stainless steel – precision is guaranteed.

Need help with french fry cutters?

We can identify most blades by their article number. By using samples or drawings, we can produce nearly identical blades of blades we do not know.