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Stainless steel blades

stainless steel grate plateA significant share of the stainless steel blades we produce is used by the food processing industry. The wide stock of stainless steel ground material facilitates fast reactions. Depending on the specific application, we use various grades of stainless steel. After improving the wear resistance, the risk of breakage is minimized.

Thanks to sophisticated grinding and polishing, our machine blades are perfectly adapted to their function: clean cuts. In this context, smooth surfaces bear less risk for contamination residues. Our blades are cleaned before they are packed

We are a supplier and manufacturer and offer blades to below-listed industries:

For these industries, we supply (among others):

♦ circular blades ♦ stripper blades ♦ disc blades ♦ scrapers ♦ cutter knives
♦ cross cut knives ♦ cut-off knives ♦ meat grinders ♦ special profile-ground blades
♦ multi-purpose cutters ♦ skinning knives ♦ packaging knives 

Need help with stainless steel machine blades?

We can identify most blades by their article number. By using samples or drawings, we can produce nearly identical blades of blades we do not know.